Consulting Services

ICT Management
If your company needs an ICT management function, but does not require this to be a full time position, LJNet can provide this service for you, ensuring that all your ICT requirements are covered.

IT Support & Troubleshooting
Onsite and Remote Computer Support includes troubleshooting of physical or network connectivity issues, solving desktop problems, the reinstallation of software applications, hardware and software set up, and much more.

Disaster recovery planning
Winston Churchill said: “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”.
When people talk about disaster recovery, they tend to think of natural disasters, but there are other ICT-related disasters that could create problems in your business. LJNet can provide insight into identifing these weak points and put steps in place to reduce the chances of downtime.

Security auditing
How secure are your systems? LJNet can provide a third party perspective into security aspects of your ICT systems.

Network auditing
A stable network is the platform on which all other systems and projects rely to achieve success. Is your network infrastructure reliable? LJNet has vast experience in finding network problems and resolving stability issues to provide a reliable platform.

Cost reduction through standardization and hardware refresh programs.
Standard environments are easier to manage and maintain. Correct planning will reduce costs and provide a more stable environment. LJNet can audit your environment and provide solutions in simplifying your infrastructure.

Planning of your ICT strategy and building a budget is the first step in moving towards a stable resilient infrastructure.